".....Bishop is a vocalist and acoustic guitarist of considerable strength and passion,
and her songwriting is deep, and thoughtful - and hopeful,
which makes her something of an uncommon delight
in this era of mopey and fatalistic musical wordsmithery. "
- Bill Deyoung  / CONNECT, Savannah -

“.....Joni Bishop's country/folk style draws comparisons to Joan Baez.....
unaffected delivery, and a warmth that's lacking
in much popular music today.”
-  Fresno METRO NEWS -

"....a female James Taylor.  The songs are uniformly bright and melodic, touching on aspects of the human condition, and definitely easy to listen to.”
~ Steven E. McDonald, ALL MUSIC GUIDE -

On Joni’s songwriting:
" ‘Wild Blossoms’...has been recorded by a number of well known artists
including one of my favorites, Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek. exquisitely crafted song!”
- Fingerpick MAGAZINE

“I wasn't familiar with the work of Joni Bishop, so I had no idea what a treat I was in for when I first listened to Endless Christmas! ....these superb arrangements of Christmas favorites will spend a lot of time in my CD changer this season....she wraps her Christmas offering with unusual new upbeat tempos, creating a very expressive and pleasing gift....and she offers catchy arrangements of several new songs, including the title track (Endless Christmas).
I enjoyed listening to every song on the CD.....What a gem!”
  - Richard Banks, UK REVIEW -

“ enormously talented artist and a great singer/songwriter.....
...graceful mountain dulcimer work, along with her eye-opening guitar prowess.” 
- Andrew Kelsey,  Charles & Myrtle’s, Chattanooga

".... a superbly talented musician and vocalist "
- John VanOrman, music director Ozark Folk Center 2005