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The House Concert idea is one that's been around for a while on the singer-songwriter circuit. What makes Joni's appeances at House Concerts unique, is that she also sets up a fantastic art show of her jazz-blues art at each of her concerts! 

What Is A House Concert?:  A House Concert is a concert in someone's home, usually for anywhere from  20 to (as many as) 75 people, depending on the size of  the home (and the energy of the hosts! ).  All that it requires is a small space for the 'stage' , some extra fold-out chairs, cushions, etc for seating....and spreading the word to your neighbors and friends!  Letting people know about the event is what helps make it successful, so phone calls & emails  to promote it are important for a good turnout, as well as reminders closer to the date.

A House Concert gives people a chance to hear live, original, acoustic music  in a up-close, intimate setting.  There's usually some kind of light food or refreshments, which can be as simple as  assorted munchies, or cheese & wine, to more elaborate fare, or even pot-luck type can be as creative as one wants.  Regarding earnings for  the artist:  generally, it can work either on a 'suggested donation' basis, where people attending throw in a suggested amount for the artist ($10 - 20, usually, or whatever is realistic).....or on a set  ' ticket price' basis, where there is a set  ticket charge for the concert.  For first time house concerts, a suggested donation works well, as long as a few announcements are made at the concert to remind those attending to contribute....  Generally, the full amount collected  at the concert goes to the artist; but there are no set-on-stone rules on this.  All of the details can be worked out ahead of time between host & artist.  The artist, of course, gets a chance to sell  CDs and other mechandise.

The House Concert is an opportunity to hear the artist in an intimate setting and a chance to personally meet the performer as well.  For the touring performer, it's a great opportunity  to play to a small, listening audience,  to promote their music, & sell their Cds, and earn money to help  cover the high costs of being on  the road these days.

There are many well-established house concerts across the country, hosted by people who love live acoustic music so much that they do this  on a regular basis, perhaps once a month, or  every other month,  or twice a year, etc....  But there are  also those who want to host a concert simply for one special occasion.  Either way, these concerts are always well received by the people attending and stand out as events that are talked about and remembered for a long time to come. There's also a wealth of information online about house concerts...

Joni's House Concert - Art Shows are always a great experience for the audience. Most people who attend one, go away talking about it for a long time.   Be the first one on your circle of friends to host one of these unforgettable events - You won't regret it!


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