One Wondrous Star CD

Produced & arranged by Joni Bishop  / A billiant and joyous Christmas collection of 12 holiday songs plus 3 original Christmas songs by Joni Bishop. Arrangements showcase drummer /percussionist David Burch, cellist John Catchings, oboist Electra Reed, and a guest appearance on 4 tracks by the astounding Victor Wooten on bass (Bela Fleck & The Flecktones). A sequel to Joni's earlier classic 'Endless Christmas', 'One Wondrous Star' delivers the same unique and fresh arrangements that have become her trademark. Warmly acoustic, artistically vibrant. A wonderful holiday addition.
Tracks:  * Away In A Manger * Go Where I Send Thee * O Come, O Come, Emmanuel * Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella * One Wondrous Star * Good King Wenceslas * O Come Little Children  ( w/ Latvian lyric) * We Three Kings * Mary Had A Baby * Go Tell It On The Mountain * On The Road To Bethlehem * Christmas In The Trenches * Hark! The Herald Angels Sing * Send Yourself Home For Christmas * Joy To The World Medley


I am a simple shepherd girl, no rank or wealth have I
But, oh, what precious treasure was mine one silent night!
A gift so pure and radiant, a diamond in the dark
Sweetly shining, so divine was this One Wondrous Star.

It rose there in the eastern sky, I spied it from the hill
Yet when I closed my eyes to pray, I saw it brighter still
'Til peace & joy came over me, and hope filled up my heart
Brightly blazing, so amazing was this Wondrous Star

Now, it will shine forever and never lose its light
It will shine to guide me through the deepest, darkest night
For in the stillness of my soul this Star had led me to
The feet of the sweet Saviour who'd come for me & you

So in this world I'll go my way, I will do my best
Thankful for that wondrous day I was so richly blessed
And like a dream when heaven seems so distant and so far
There will be inside of me an ever-burning spark
And His love so true will glimmer through this One Wondrous Star.

words & music by Joni Bishop / c Mountain Glen Music ASCAP / Adm: MCS America, Inc.
He was flyin' down the highway on that cold December night
Ninety miles north of Nazareth, near the Pennsylvania line
He was thinkin' about Mary and the state that she was in
As those big wheels burned 'round the twists and the turns
On The Road To Bethlehem.

Snow was fallin', roads were icy and the drifts were ten feet deep
But he'd made her a solemn promise, he'd be there by Christmas Eve
He was hurryin' to  Mary, he didn't see the highway bend
'Til his big rig swirved 'round the narrowest curve
On The Road To Bethlehem

And there on that silent night, with faith stronger than steel
He prayed for a guiding light, then someone took the wheel......

And rode that mile with Jesus,  'til he was safely home again
Through the storm & the wind the Lord's loving Hand led him back to Bethlehem.

There were roses at St. Joseph's when she opened up her eyes
And in her arms, the blessed wonder of their precious newborn child
And he was there beside his Mary, in his heart he whispered thanks
For a night so full of miracles even now, as much as then
On The Road To Bethlehem.

Words & music by Joni Bishop / c Mountain Glen Music ASCAP / Adm: MCS America, Inc.
Send yourself home for Chistmas
Hurry across the miles
A card just won't do 'cause I'm waiting
Thinking of you all the while...

I'll be hanging the lights and the stockings
And a star high upon the tree
Send yourself Home For Christmas
Send youself Home To Me

Through snow and winter weather, love will keep us warm
May it bring us back together, every Christmas morn'

So I'll keep a candle burning
In case an angel should see
And help you Send Yourself Home For Christmas
Send yourself home to me
Send Yourself Home For Christmas
Send yourself home to me.

Words & music by Joni Bishop & Lisa Aschmann / c Mountain Glen Music ASCAP, Adm: MCS America, Inc. / c Nashville Geographic ASCAP